Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rihanna shows support for suspended schoolgirl for copying "Red Hair"

The Umbrella star Rihanna has come to the support of a young girl suspended from her school. Terri Bancroft was banned from her Welsh school after copying Rihanna' hair color. The singer, who often dyes her hair red, then took to her page to show her support for the teenager.

The 15-year-old girl who was suspended from school a week for coloring her hair "Rihanna red" surprisingly got a support from the Rihanna. When she turned up for school after the Easter vacation with scarlet hair, her teachers went red with anger and gave her a week's detention.

Young girl suspended for copying rihanna red hair

While the A student was concerned about her grades, she never expected to get support from one of the world's biggest pop stars. Known for her many daring hairstyles, Ri felt the need to take to to show her support for the teenager.

Rihanna said:
"U are my hero Terry Bancroft!!!!! The color of your hair doesn't change who u are, you are an A- grade student."
Bancroft admits she didn't expect to get a message from the pop star.

Rihanna Red Hair Pictures

rihanna red hair pictures

Rihanna long red Hair

rihanna redhair

rihanna red hair photos

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rihanna’s New Look With Topshop MOTO Floral Printed Shorts

Rihanna was spotted rocking a natural look in New York. It’s quite a hot day here in New York City she really likes shorts and tights! Rihanna wear Floral Printed Shorts. She produced a vibrant turn from her natural Ksubi tee and denim and opted for a coral top, tights, high-top Adidas, and Topshop MOTO Floral Printed Hotpants. Her pants have a bold floral print and high-waist silhouette.

rihanna new look with topshop floral pants

When Rihanna's not striking up strip clubs, she's walking on New York in pretty floral print short shorts. That's still kinda hot, considering her pantyhose clearly are revealing some of the skin on her upper thigh. The shorts weren’t your regular cut-offs both, they were a set of floral printed black shorts that made us take a double take. Since they were so short, Rihanna combined them with black opaque tights that left a tad bit of skin showing. Hotpants aren’t for everybody, but Rihanna has the legs for them. Rihanna is getting bolder and bolder with her fashion picks.

Rihanna wears Topshop MOTO Floral Printed Shorts

Rihanna new york city topshop floral hot pants

Rihanna Wears Floral Printed Shorts

Rihanna wears topshop floral printed shorts

Friday, February 3, 2012

Topless Rihanna's New Blonde Hair Revealed On Twitter

Rihanna surprised her fans yesterday by unveiling her 1st magazine cover of 2012. She is known to be spontaneous when it comes to often trendy style. Right now the singer's fresh do is long, layered and platinum blonde. She's modified her hair and tweeted it's for her "first cover of the year! Elle." ... Like it? ...

topless rihanna

The “We Found Love” artist has debuted her fresh blonde hair color on her Twitter account, using just the new hair color, but she told followers that she colored it for a photo shoot with Elle magazine. This isn’t the first time Rihanna went blonde, but now she seems to have followed a significantly lighter tone.
In 2011, she put on a blond-bobbed look in adverts for Armani Jeans, that were crowned the “Sexiest Ads of the Year”. She tweeted as, "#Back2Work 1st Cover of the year!!!!" she tweeted, E! Online reports. "I dyed it for #ELLE."

Rihanna topless twitter

Later that night she watched the sport Clippers vs. Denver Nuggets  at Los Angeles Staples Center, where she switched her new hairdo and switching heads in her leg high black boots and denim cutoffs.

Rihanna shows off blonde hair
Credit: AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill
Rihanna will perform with Coldplay in the Grammys later on this month, in which she has been nominated for many awards including Best Album.

Rihanna goes blonde hair
Rihanna leaving the Roxbury in Hollywood, CA.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Rihanna Mohawk hairstyle inspired by Gwen Stefani's son

Rihanna's popular Mohawk hairstyle was inspired by Gwen Stefani's son Kingston.

In a new interview with Juicy magazine, pop star Rihanna praises Gwen’s little child Kingston and idea when he rocked a mohawk last summer that it was “so cute”. She really went on to state that she was inspired by him and her mohawk phase was her version of King’s look! Who knew little boys were such fashion icons.

Rihanna inspired by Stefani's son

The sultry singer has sported a variety of hairstyles in the past, including blunt bangs, fiery red tresses, long wavy locks and an ultra-curly redhead look.

Probably her most popular styles was the edgy blonde Mohawk cut, and the star's hairstylist Ursula Stephen has disclosed the inspiration behind it.

"If I remember correctly, Gwen Stefani's son, Kingston, inspired this one. Ri demonstrated me a photo of him and we considered he was so cute with his Mohawk. So I just did my own version!" she announced in an interview with Juicy magazine.

Ursula has revealed how she designed the edgy look on Rihanna. The beauty wowed using the cut, and Ursula states the model is easy to re-create with the help of an expert.

Gwen Stefani's son Kingston

"I created a sleek foundation by relaxing the hair with Motions Silkening Shine Relaxer System. Next, i cleaned and molded her hair. I designed the sides and back of the head with clippers, adding Motions Foaming Cover Lotion to the longer hair at the overhead and molded it upward and towards the right side of her head," she explained.

"She sat under a hooded hair dryer to set the model. Next, I curled sections of her hair in a backward motion, up and away from her face. I finished with Motions Shine Enhancing Pomade and Motions Hold and Shine Squirt to keep it set up."

Rihanna Mohawk hairstyle

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