Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rihanna’s New Look With Topshop MOTO Floral Printed Shorts

Rihanna was spotted rocking a natural look in New York. It’s quite a hot day here in New York City she really likes shorts and tights! Rihanna wear Floral Printed Shorts. She produced a vibrant turn from her natural Ksubi tee and denim and opted for a coral top, tights, high-top Adidas, and Topshop MOTO Floral Printed Hotpants. Her pants have a bold floral print and high-waist silhouette.

rihanna new look with topshop floral pants

When Rihanna's not striking up strip clubs, she's walking on New York in pretty floral print short shorts. That's still kinda hot, considering her pantyhose clearly are revealing some of the skin on her upper thigh. The shorts weren’t your regular cut-offs both, they were a set of floral printed black shorts that made us take a double take. Since they were so short, Rihanna combined them with black opaque tights that left a tad bit of skin showing. Hotpants aren’t for everybody, but Rihanna has the legs for them. Rihanna is getting bolder and bolder with her fashion picks.

Rihanna wears Topshop MOTO Floral Printed Shorts

Rihanna new york city topshop floral hot pants

Rihanna Wears Floral Printed Shorts

Rihanna wears topshop floral printed shorts


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